Bärbel  Helmert
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The most important aspect and emphasis in my work is blunt honesty:
the act of confronting and setting free the whole range of emotional experiences, the juxtaposition of the negative and positive forces of life and its consequent death.
The informal and gestural approach in my
DRAWINGS is directed towards immediacy and spontaneity. I consciously and deliberately disregard planning and control in the execution. The imagery is very personal and creates a cathartic effect, resulting in a spiritual release and renewal.
I often use music to enhance my expressive moods. The auditory element forms a connection to the visual and emotional aspects of the work. Sounds evoke particular relationships to colors and line-markings, influencing their intensity.

Work Description

WORKS ON PAPER  -   Mixed Media Drawings

MEDIA:    Pastels
                Conte Crayons
                Litho Crayons
                Oil Bars

Paper:     RIVES B.F.K. and ARCHES 88-France
                Size:  22" x 30"  (57cm x 77cm)

All Drawings are UNTITLED and signed on the back.








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